Referrals and Second Opinions


We accept most insurance plans. If you have an “HMO” plan rather than a “PPO” plan you must check with your insurance provider prior to your visit to determine whether a referral is needed.

If a referral is required we will require that a printed referral is present at the time of the visit. If you are seen on your appointment day without a referral you may be responsible for cost of your office visit. San Luis Select IPA as well as (Coastal CCPN) are two local administrators of HMO plans. These plans almost always will require a referral prior to visiting a specialist.


Second Opinions:

Education is the key ingredient in making informed healthcare decisions when it comes to your foot and ankle health. Obtaining additional medical specialty opinions is a way to reassure “you the patient” that you are on track to improved foot and ankle health. A “second opinion” may be pursued by you to feel more comfortable with a proposed diagnosis or instill confidence that the medical or surgical approach chosen by you and your physician will put you on track to recovery.

San Luis Podiatry Group will be pleased to provide you with an additional opinion with regard to your current treatment with another treating physician. We will help reinforce your current diagnosis and paint a realistic medical or surgical treatment options so that you can feel more confident and informed with your current treatment.  This opinion can be shared with you in confidence and can also be shared with your treating physician. Bringing as much information to this “second opinion visit” including previous chart notes, x-rays, special studies including MRI or CT evaluations can be very helpful in providing a well informed opinion.

Please let the office scheduler know that you are scheduling a “second opinion visit”. If you are obtaining medical records or x-rays from your treating physician you can print out a “medical records release” form from the “form” section of this web site or request that the office staff send one to you. If you are wanting this “second opinion” in confidence do not feel obligated to bring medical record or x-rays to the office.

If you are a current patient of San Luis Podiatry Group and would like to obtain an outside opinion please alert the staff to this interest. We will be happy to make recommendations to you regarding qualified local and university setting foot and ankle surgeons if needed and will be happy to dictate a “narrative” for you to share with the opinion physician which will summarize your current diagnosis and ongoing care plan.

Although x-rays taken in the office are a part of your medical record they must be permanently stored here in the office. You are welcome to sign a records release and temporarily use your x-rays to obtain an opinion. Our office staff can send digital pictures of your x-rays and email the images to you at no cost. Special studies including CT and MRI films are generally copies that can be maintained in your possession.

Being informed with regard to your current foot and ankle problem will allow you to make thoughtful decisions and best prepare you for a successful outcome.

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