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Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) - Overview

Ankle foot orthoses are braces that help support and control motion of the rearfoot and ankle region. These braces are reserved for individuals who have isolated weakness of the muscles that course the foot and ankle or for musculoskeletal problems including arthritis and tendon injuries.

The AFO is commonly customized by taking a plaster cast of the foot and ankle. This negative cast is sent to a laboratory that creates a positive mold of the foot and ankle and then fabricates a brace that is an exact contour of the foot and ankle. The materials of the brace can vary but commonly are constructed of plastics or leather.

AFO’s function by creating a stable position of the rearfoot and ankle.  If there is neuromuscular imbalance or tendon dysfunction including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. AFO's help reduce pain in the rearfoot and ankle region by limiting painful stresses placed on arthritic joints.



• Drop foot

• Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD)

• Ankle, subtalar and midtarsal trauma

Severe arthritis and degenerative arthritis

• Moderate to severe chronic ankle sprains

• Severe pes planus – flatfoot

Charcot foot

Diabetic ulcers

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