Calcaneal Cuboid Joint Arthralgia

Pain at the level of the calcaneal cuboid joint. The calcaneal cuboid joint is one of the  anatomic joints of the functional midtarsal joint.


• Pain to the outside portion of the foot noted with initial rising from a sitting position

• Pain improves after warm-up period

• No associated swelling

• Increase pain with barefoot walking

• No associated swelling of the painful region of the foot


• Not helpful unless clinical arthritis is suspected


• Use of over the counter or custom orthotic

• Use of supportive shoe with pronation control features including supportive midarch, torsional stability and rigid heel counters

• No barefoot walking during recovery period

• Non-steroidal antinflammatory medications

• Temporary CAM boot if pain is severe

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The first step is to determine where the affected area is on the foot, and choose the appropriate foot view below that best shows that area.

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