Sinus Tarsi Impingement

Pain to the side region of the foot at the level of the sinus tarsi of the subtalar joint. The subtalar joint allows pronation and supination (in and out ) motion of the heel bone at the subtalar joint.  People who develop this pain usually excessively pronate their feet or commonly have a flat foot.


• Pain with initial rising from a sitting position

• Pain sharp to the outside portion of the subtalar joint with extremes of joint motion like going up and down stairs

• No associated swelling

• Increase pain with barefoot walking

• No associated swelling of the painful region


• X-rays are not helpful for this problem


• Over the counter or custom orthotic with wedging of the orthotic to control foot pronation

• Use of supportive shoe with pronation control features including supportive midarch, torsional stability and rigid heel counters

• No barefoot walking during period of treatment

• Non-steroidal ant-inflammatory medications

• Possible cortisone injection

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The first step is to determine where the affected area is on the foot, and choose the appropriate foot view below that best shows that area.

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