Plantar Fasciitis

Pain occurring at the attachment site of the plantar fascial ligament on the bottom of the heel bone.  The onset of pain is generally related to overpornation of the foot leading to excessive stresses on the plantar fascial ligament.



• Pain on the bottom and inside of the heel bone at the attachment site of the plantar fascia

• Pain with initial rising from a sitting postion

• Improvement of pain with limited walking activity


• X-rays are not generally required. A “bone spur” if noted radiographically does not influence the development of pain or treatment options


Over the counter arch support that firmly supports the arch and controls foot pronation

• Supportive shoe the controls foot pronation with avoidance of all non shoe wearing walking

Night splint worn at night to maintain stress on the plantar fascia

• Low impact exercising including swimming or bicycle

• Short term course of antinfammatory medication like ibuprofen or naproxen

• Icing twice daily 10-15 minutes with rolling heel over a frozen water bottle

• Cortisone injection in the heel to decrease inflammation and pain


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