Contracture of the toes usually involving the second , third, fourth or fifth toes with a bent or flexed position of the toe.



• Pain at the top of the toe from friction from the top surface of the shoe or pain at the end of the toe from pressure from the contact from the walking surface

• Callus or corn to the areas of pressure and friction are commonly present.


• Reduction of the callus with use of commercially available callus remover agents and debriding tools including the use of pumice. (physician monitoring recommended)

• Shoe use with adequate depth to decrease pressure on the top of the toe

• Shoe with adequate toebox room to allow side to side room for the toes with avoidance of narrow style shoes

• Padding to take pressure off of the painful areas

• Surgical correction of the deformity


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The first step is to determine where the affected area is on the foot, and choose the appropriate foot view below that best shows that area.

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