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Peroneal tendon tears, surgical management and its complications.


The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA.


Peroneal tendon injuries in the athlete are recognized with increasing frequency as a pathologic entity. Once considered uncommon, they have been attributed to many cases of persistent lateral ankle symptoms after a "typical" ankle sprain. Acute tears of the peroneus brevis, and less commonly the peroneus longus, have been implicated in sport activities and are often coexistent with peroneal instability. Subluxation typically occurs when the foot is in a dorsiflexed position and the peroneal muscles strongly contract, causing an eversion force simultaneously. Peroneal instability, as well as tearing, has been linked to ballet dancing, skiing, soccer, tennis, American football, running, basketball, and ice skating. This article discusses the mechanism of injury, methods of patient evaluation and management, complications, and outcomes.

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