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Segmental phenolization for the treatment of ingrowing toenails: a review of 6 years experience.


Department of Dermatology, ASL 8, Arezzo, Italy.



Ingrowing toenails are a common problem causing significant morbidity. Many of the procedures used for treating this painful condition cause considerable discomfort and have high failure rates. In recent years, phenol cauterization of the nail bed has been used increasingly.


A retrospective study was carried out of all patients treated by this method in the authors' clinic during the period January 1996 to December 2001. In this study, phenol cauterization is the standard form of treatment and 948 phenol cauterizations were carried out in 764 patients.


There was no significant morbidity and the procedure was tolerated well by all patients. Overall recurrence was 4.3% (33 patients) after 18 months. All symptomatic recurrences were successfully treated by repeating phenol cauterization.


Phenol cauterization compares favourably with other surgical ablation techniques for ingrowing toenails and may be the ablation procedure of choice of an ingrowing toenail.

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