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Metatarsal Arthralgia

Pain at the junction of the metatarsal bones and the midfoot bones including the cuneiform bones first, second and third metatarsal and the cuboid-fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.


• Pain to the top of the midfoot region noted with initial weight bearing activity

• Pain relieves after short warm up period

• Rare associated swelling to the top of the foot

• Achy quality discomfort noted

• Increase pain with barefoot ambulation


• Plain film radiographs can demonstrate joint space narrowing between the metatarsal and cuneiform and cuboid bones.

• X-rays are difficult to interpret because of the overlap of bones in this area

• CT scan can be used to demonstrate potential arthritis in the midfoot level as needed based on continuing symptoms


• Use of over the counter or custom orthotic

• Supportive shoe with torsion stability to decrease foot pronation

• Shoe with removable innersole to accommodate orthotic device

• Use of shoe and orthotic at all times with NO barefoot walking during recovery period

• Activity limitation/modification

• Non steroidal antinflammatory therapy

• Ice twice daily

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