Shoe Anatomy

Toe box - The portion of the forepart of the shoe that covers the toes

Vamp - The front portion of the shoe leading from the arch region up toward the toes

Throat - The place where the tongue meets vamp

Collar - The top rim portion of the shoe

Tongue - The material that lies under the laces

Heel counter - The stiffened material that is curved around the heel

Insole -

Inlay - The removable liner found within the shoe

Midsole - The mid portion of the sole of the shoe generally made out of cushioned foams materials in athletic shoes

Outsole - Generally constructed from durable materials including leather and rubber


Athletic Shoe Anatomy

Shoe Diagram 1

Shoe Diagram 2

Shoe Diagram 3

Dress Shoe Anatomy

Women's Shoe Diagram 1

Women's Shoe Diagram 2

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