Shoe Fit Appointment

Shoe selection is a very important part of managing many problems affecting the foot and ankle. Choosing the appropriate shoe can be a difficult task.

San Luis Podiatry Group provides a shoe fit and selection service for anyone interested in purchasing shoes. This pedorthic supervised service is open to anyone interested in purchasing shoes. You do not need to be a patient of San Luis Podiatry Group. The shoe selection will provide the following:

  • Accurate pedorthic supervised foot sizing appointment
  • Recommendations of shoe based on foot and ankle problem
  • Recommendation of shoes based on activity and function
  • Pedorthic fitting appointment

If you choose to have the shoes delivered to our office email us - or call 543-7788 and ask for a "Shoe Fit Appointment":

“your name”
1101 Las Tablas, Suite K
Templeton, California 94565


“your name”
1551 Bishop Medical Center, Suite 210B
San Luis Obispo, California 93401

You are welcome to have us guide you through the entire online shoe purchase or you may just want to make your purchase on your own based on our recommended shoes for your specific foot and ankle problem.

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Schedule an Appointment

Please call 805.543.7788 for San Luis Obispo, 805.434.2009 for Templeton, or email us to request an appointment.