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The purchase of a shoe is often times an instrumental part of your physicians plan for your foot and ankle recovery. Selecting the correct shoe for your foot based on your specific foot problem can be a difficult process even for the well trained shoe sales person.

The benefit of purchasing your shoe from a specialty retail shoe store like SLO Motion Shoes is that you are able to learn many of the specifics regarding each shoe you try on as well as having access to many different brands and styles which will allow you to optimize your fit.

On-line shoe sales are increasing in popularity partially related to the convenience of shopping from home as well as exposure to a tremendous number of styles and manufacturers. Most of the larger on-line shoe retailers have very convenient return policies that don’t charge for shipping if you purchase a shoe that does not meet your needs in fit and styling.

The dilemma that is faced by many foot and ankle healthcare providers is that they will diagnose a specific problem, educate the patient regarding shoe recommendations but have limited ability and time to coordinate this care with the specialty retail shoe store.  Patients will often leave the doctors office knowing that they need to purchase a shoe but not knowing what step to take next. The local shoe stores do an excellent job in providing quality shoe wear and expert sales support. The shoe sales will most often have an idea about what a foot diagnosis is and the general shoe recommendations.

This web site will attempt to create some continuity between making the diagnosis and what shoe purchase will be the most helpful for your specific foot problem. These recommendations are of course meant to direct you to a good shoe purchase decision but in no way guarantee fit and overall comfort.

San Luis Podiatry Group will be happy to evaluate your shoe selection, check fit and make sure that your orthotic is fitting and functioning within your shoe. If you choose to purchase your shoe online, you can have them delivered directly to our office for a professional fit appointment.

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