Peroneal tendon attenuation

Peroneal tendon tears are often times associated with a history of ankle sprain or noted in a person with a high arch.


Pain to the outside region of the foot and ankle with initial weight bearing activity
Swelling often times noted to the outside region of the heel bone
Possible change in the heel position if tearing of the peroneal tendons has occurred related to previous ankle injury.


Regular x-rays are not usually of benefit unless the heel bone position is turned in related to tearing of the peroneal tendons.
MRI: will show suspected tearing to both of the peroneal tendons.


Shoe with wide base of support with outsole wide to decrease the potential tendency to have the heel bone invert or turn in.
Possible use of over the counter or custom orthotic with additional padding to decrease the tendency for the heel bone invert or turn in.
Lace up or Velcro closure ankle bracing to be worn with shoe
Ice twice daily
Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
Possible use of CAM boot to decrease the stress through the peroneal tendons.

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