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Dorsiflexory Assist Device (Allard® ToeOFF Brace)

Dorsiflexory Assist Devices commonly known as Toe Off Braces are lightweight braces that assist the foot in providing passive extension of the foot at the ankle allowing a more normal gait pattern.

Toe off braces are generally lightweight braces that fit into the shoe and extend up the side of the leg and secured just below the knee.

These braces are generally used for patients who have neuromuscular imbalance and are most commonly used for patients experiencing “foot drop” after low back injuries or surgery. Neuromuscular injury can lead to the inability for the leg muscles to lift up the foot during the non weight bearing portion of the gait cycle called the ‘swing phase” of gait. Limited ability to extend the foot at the ankle level during the swing phase of gait can lead to a noticeable “foot slap” during walking.

Toe off braces are often times prefabricated lightweight constructed of carbon graphite materials. They are sized appropriately for the dimensions of the foot and leg.


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