Patient Education


Preoperative Care

Successful conservative care means that you as a patient will clearly understand your diagnosis and have with your physician’s guidance attempted all available options to relieve your foot or ankle pain. Your physician’s primary role is to be an educator. She or he needs to thoroughly diagnose your foot or ankle problem, review all pertinent diagnostic imaging and studies and explain what additional conservative and surgical options are available.

There are many resources available to you to research outcomes as they are associated with your specific diagnosis. The internet can be an invaluable tool for your own research. Be cautious with regards to the information that you use. Personal testimonials may be biased regarding outcomes for specific procedures. It is best to consult podiatric foot and ankle journals regarding surgical outcomes.

The goal of a successful surgical procedure is pain relief and restoration of quality of life. Make sure that you discuss with your surgeon realistic time-lines of recovery for your specific surgical procedure.

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