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The Foot at Risk

FSCANEvery step that we take creates a pressure pattern that occurs from heel contact to toe raise. The pressures generated during walking can if abnormal increase the risk of foot injury.

The F-Scan is the most advanced in-shoe pressure analysis system available for clinical practices that can effectively determine dynamic pressure patterns during walking. The F-Scan allows us to more objectivity determine whether a shoe and orthotic are effectively changing the gait mechanics and foot pressures to reduce the potential for injury.

Quick, Easy, and Painless

The F-Scan is a non-invasive test performed simply by trimming a paper-thin sensor which contains 960 individual sensing points.  The patient then takes three to six steps, and plantar pressure is displayed and recorded in real time.

Patients who are at risk for the development of foot ulcerations now have an easy, inexpensive alternative for early detection of high-pressure areas on the plantar aspect of the foot that, in many instances, lead to ulceration.  The combination of high-pressure areas, poor circulation and loss of sensation is dangerous.  Once an ulcer forms the cost involved for treatment-including possible amputation-exceeds $20,000 per occurrence per patient, according to recent Medicare estimates.  The F-Scan is an incredibly valuable tool for providing quantitative information; it is instrumental in preventative care.


Two and three dimensional graphical representations of the foot precisely locate and record abnormal pressure distribution in real time, frame by frame.  High risk areas and abnormal gait can be instantly identified.  Treatment can then be planned and executed accordingly.  Post treatment F-Scan follow-up will substantiate the effectiveness of treatment.




Like many newer technologies that are introduced into clinical practices acceptance for coverage by insurance companies can be hit or miss.  Medicare does allow for the provision of preventative care including coverage prescription shoes, custom molded insoles for high risk diabetic patients but does not fully recognize the preventative benefits that FSCAN offers high risk diabetic patients.

San Luis Podiatry Group recognizes the importance of the FSCAN as not only a screening tool for high risk patients but its overall importance in treating many foot and ankle related disorders.

We have established FREE SCREENING  days for any patient that is new to the practice. The screening will identify whether or not shoe and orthtoic therapies may lesson your risk for foot injury or be an effective tool for treatment of your current foot and ankle problems. After your screening you and your primary care physician will be mailed a report summarizing the study. You are welcome to follow up with our physician to discuss your results in detail.

Who Benefits From Gait Analysis

  • Patients afflicted with Diabetes and poor sensation and who are prone to foot ulcers.
  • Individuals with poor circulation who also have foot or toe contractures predisposing them to foot complications
  • Patients who have had full or partial amputation.  Amputation alters weight distribution patterns and is often a precursor to further complications if not addressed properly.
  • Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis patients with alterations in joint/integrity or function that alter the weight-bearing surface of the foot.
  • Runners and walkers who experience shin splints, stress fractures, ligament pain and other foot, ankle and knee concerns.
  • Patients with neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy that lead to altered patterns of gait.
  • Knee or back pain patients who experience symptoms associated with poor foot mechanics.

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